South Cerney Post Office

posted 28 Mar 2020, 04:04 by Robert Cowley

South Cerney Post Office is now CLOSED until further notice.  The nearest Post Office facility is in Siddington.

From Cotswold District Council: GARDEN WASTE SERVICE SUSPENDED

posted 26 Mar 2020, 05:04 by Robert Cowley

We have had to suspend the garden waste service. We now have a 20% shortage of staff and no longer have enough experienced drivers available for vehicles on all collection routes. Therefore we are suspending the garden waste service with immediate effect so we can prioritise drivers on the main (statutory) collection services.

All other collections are continuing as normal for the moment.

We'll be publishing further updates and advice on the CDC website today.

Notes & Advice for Residents:

People should increase their home composting and/or reduce the amount of garden waste produced. Lawns are the usual problem - mowing less, planting more wildflower meadow areas, leaving more areas to grow long and only picking up the cuttings every other mow (which lets it dry on the ground before it goes in the compost) all help. If residents don't have a compost heap now would be an excellent time to start one.

Gloucestershire County Council has already closed the Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) so green waste cannot be taken there.

Residents should not put garden waste in the black wheelie bin - excessive wet waste is a problem for the operation of the "Energy from Waste" (Javelin Park Incinerator) plant where all Gloucestershire's black bin waste goes. Garden waste in the black wheelie bin will not be accepted.

Thank you.

Playgrounds & Community Composting Scheme CLOSED

posted 24 Mar 2020, 02:13 by Robert Cowley

In order to reduce the risk of spread of the Coronavirus, the Parish Council is closing the children's playgrounds at Upper Up, Robert Franklin Way and Cerney Wick, and also the Community Composting Scheme at Upper Up (including depositing of material) until further notice.

Covid19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Network for South Cerney & Cerney Wick

posted 20 Mar 2020, 04:38 by Robert Cowley

Coronavirus - Covid19 Mutual Aid

The Parish Council has coordinated a large group of volunteers, who have offered to provide support and assistance to those elderly, vulnerable, and self-isolating – e.g. picking up shopping, posting mail, collecting urgent supplies, even a friendly phone call, etc.  (Please note that all medical queries should be directed to NHS 111).  The Parish has been divided into areas of streets, each with its own coordinator (and group of volunteers), as listed below.  You may receive a note through your door from a local volunteer.  Please make initial contact with your nearest coordinator if you require assistance.


Claire Jeffery  07974 710417

Silver Street, Timbrells Close, Cirencester Road, Northmoor Lane, Old Cricklade Road.


Peter Elphick  07779 122483

Clarks Hay, Bow Wow, School Lane, Church Lane.


Elaine Simpson  01285 869111, 07715 480557

Mill Close, Boxbush Close, Boxbush Road, Field Close.


Cally Stephenson  07514 680777

The Lennards, Robert Franklin Way, The Close, Lakeside.


Ros Brewster  07850 141414

Station Road (east from Huxley Court), Huxley Court, Kingfisher Place, Wildmoorway Lane.


Jen & Steve McDiarmid  07766 015161

Station Road (west of Huxley Court), Willow Grove, The Limes, Ham Lane.


Laura Falconer  07887 986461

Nightingale Way (north of Swift Link), Teal Way, Bittern Close, Heron Close, Aylesbury Close, Mandarin Close, Wagtail Walk.


Kate Young  07533 506519

Nightingale Way (south of Swift Link), Grebe Close, Chiffchaff Close, Bewick Close, Brambling Mews, Swift Link, Swan Close, Gadwall Close.


Caroline Brookes  07887 868752

The Leaze, Beverstone Road, Beverstone Close,

Oak Way.


Juliet Layton  07929 405172

Sudeley Drive, Broadway Lane, Broadway Court.


Alex Jewhurst  07803 823469

Winchcombe Gardens, Berkeley Close,

Peymans Terrace, Morgans Terrace.


Darren Bailey  07368 284092

High Street, Old Post Office, Jubilee Gardens,

Upper Up, Langet.


Claire & Adam Ryall  07786 836520

Meadow Way, River Way, Churn Close,

The Secret Garden.


Silva Cooper  07899 845417

Cerney Wick, and Waters Edge.


Nina Sethi  07785 305747

The Landings, Spring Lake, Summer Lake, Isis/Windrush Lakes.


Bulletin updates with information relating to the Parish will be posted on the Parish Council website and publicised via various organisations’ email groups in the Parish.  Information will also be posted on the Cerney News Facebook page. 

Advice is also available from Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK:

and from Facebook page:


Parish Council Meetings

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, normal Parish Council meetings have been suspended, but Councillors are keeping in close virtual contact.  Further information will be published on the website and when possible on the notice boards opposite the Post Office and outside the village hall in Cerney Wick.  Minutes of meetings are published on the website as they become available.  

Covid-19 - Mutual Aid in South Cerney and Cerney Wick

posted 16 Mar 2020, 13:54 by Robert Cowley

Dear South Cerney Residents,

Covid-19 – Mutual Aid in South Cerney and Cerney Wick

The Parish Council is setting up a network of ‘mutual aid’ for residents in the parish.

The plan is for every household to be offered help from their neighbours, if needed, to run errands.  It’s especially aimed at elderly and vulnerable residents, and those who are self-isolating.

It will follow the guidance from Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

In the hope that every household will be offered help, we’re setting up a coordinator for each street/part of the village.  If you’d like to be/ help the coordinator for your street, please email your contact details to Robert Cowley:

There’s a WhatsApp group for the coordinators, and a Covid-19 Mutual Aid Facebook page:

If you’d like to offer help directly to your own neighbours, a note like that attached below is recommended. 

Covid-19 – Parish Communications

The Parish Council is also setting up an ‘email tree’ so that any local announcements and news like this can be spread quickly to the members of village clubs and organisations.  We aim to have an insert in the next Cerney News, and there will also be some updates on the Parish Council web site:

 For medical guidance, always follow NHS 111

South Cerney Parish Council

CV19 Bulletin #01


Neighbourhood Watch Encourages Protecting the Isolated and Vulnerable During the Covid 19 Outbreak

posted 14 Mar 2020, 03:11 by Robert Cowley

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporters,

You will all be aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Neighbourhood Watch exists to look out for communities across England and Wales and at a time like this we encourage you to consider ways to keep yourself, your loved ones and those in your community safe, particularly the isolated and vulnerable. We are following the advice from the government and encourage you to do the same:

10 ways you, as a Neighbourhood Watch supporter, can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community:
  1. Meet with household members, other relatives, friends and neighbours to discuss what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.
  2. If your neighbourhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to maintain access to neighbours, information, and resources. Alternatively, share phone numbers and email addresses particularly with those who are isolated or vulnerable.
  3. Consider establishing a ‘buddy’ system within your community to ensure everyone stays connected to COVID-19 related news, services and can receive support safely, such as essentials deliveries.
  4. Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications. 
  5. Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy. 
  6. Learn how to self-isolate. Guidance can be found on the NHS website:
  7. Create a list of local organisations that you and your neighbours can contact in the event that one of you need access to information, healthcare services, support, or resources. Consider including organisations that provide mental health or counselling services, food, and other supplies.
  8. Create an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbours, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.
  9. Learn about the emergency operations plan at your child’s school or childcare facility, and your employer’s emergency operations plan.
  10. Practice everyday preventive actions including regular hand washing.
    1. The NHS provides guidance on how to wash hands:  
    2. The World Health Organisation provides guidance on basic protective measures:
    3. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance on handwashing for families
Please note: whilst we encourage you to follow advice from UK Government we are also sharing links to organisations such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention an agency which works 24/7 to protect the safety, health, and security of America from threats here and around the world. Some of our key points above have been sourced from:

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also published (14th February 2020) Interim Guidance for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Homes and Residential Communities which you may find useful:
Regards and keep well,
Central Support Team at Neighbourhood Watch
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NETWORK  | Building Safer and Stronger Communities

Follow us..

Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council

posted 30 Sep 2019, 03:43 by Robert Cowley   [ updated 18 Feb 2020, 07:02 ]

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is currently a vacancy in the Office of Councillor for South Cerney Parish Council.

The Parish Council is able to fill the vacancy by co-option, rather than a formal election process.

If you are interested in serving as a Parish/Town Councillor, you will need to submit an expression of interest by 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 29th February 2020.  Supporting statements are encouraged, on no more than one side of A4, detailing why you would be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor. 

Expressions of interest should be submitted to Robert Cowley, the Clerk of the Parish Council, at 3 Broadway Lane, South Cerney, Cirencester, GL7 5UH, or by email to

Candidates are reminded that, to be eligible for co-option on to the Parish Council, they must satisfy the standard election qualification criteria.  Please contact Cotswold District Council’s Elections Team if you need any guidance on this aspect (telephone 01285 623000 or e-mail

It is hoped that the co-option will be dealt with at the Parish Council meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 11th March 2020, at the Committee Room at the Village Hall in School Lane.

Upper Up Composting Facility - UPDATE

posted 6 Sep 2019, 23:48 by Robert Cowley   [ updated 6 Sep 2019, 23:48 ]

Due to the breakdown of the shredding machine, materials acceptable at this site will be severely limited until further notice.

The following are now acceptable:

soft green stuff including grass cuttings, soft weeds,

short non-woody hedge cuttings, vegetable tops and leaves, and any green stuff without hard or woody stems.

 We cannot accept any woody material of over 5mm thickness.


The shredding machine was severely damaged when a garden implement left in woody material was inadvertently fed into the unit causing very expensive damage. Repairs will not be completed for some time so the above restrictions will remain in place until further notice.


Apologies for any inconvenience.

Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council

posted 1 Sep 2019, 02:22 by Robert Cowley

The Notice of Casual Vacancy may be downloaded below

Ewen Road closure due to badger sett

posted 30 Jul 2019, 07:40 by Robert Cowley

The road closure notice from Gloucestershire Highways for Ewen Road may be downloaded below.

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