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"Community Governance Review" - letter from Cotswold District Council

posted 1 Aug 2018, 08:04 by Robert Cowley
Residents will have recently received a letter from CDC regarding a Community Governance Review which proposes to remove the warding arrangements for South Cerney Parish Council.

The current arrangement (brought in at the election in 2015), splits the Parish into two wards along the ward boundaries of the district council.  This means that three Parish Councillors represent one ward (rural), and eight Parish Councillors represent the other ward (village).  Parish Councillors may only be nominated by residents of the ward they wish to represent - e.g. Cllr Mrs Tunbridge of Berry Farm in Silver Street and Cllr Blackford of Cerney Wick are in the rural ward, and could not be nominated by residents of Broadway Lane, which is in the village ward.

The Parish Council regarded this "division" as arbitrary, unwanted and unnecessary, and (along with a number of other Parishes in the district) requested that these warding arrangements be removed so that all Parish Councillors represent the whole Parish - which was the arrangement before 2015.  CDC's required consultation is the result of the Parish Council's request, and on this occasion at least, they have listened to the Parish Council.